MPG Launches MLG - our dedicated Artificial Intelligence division

Join the AI revolution today!

The MPG data science team have been secretly working on universal approximation theorems and the mathematical theory of artificial neural networks, to establish new dense algorithmically generated class functions for the games industry.

Our bespoke feedforward architecture uses an approximation of two Euclidean spaces, with respect to compact convergence topology, to generate a ‘random’ neural network as a universal approximator for the success of a games idea.

So far, our tests have produced a variety of results, all of which far exceed the predictive capabilities of convolutional neural quantifiers. This wide variety of interesting results can give games developers a greater than zero chance when predicting success from even the simplest formulation of a games concept.

What’s more, and in a truly ground-breaking breakthrough, the MLG AI only needs a hand-held console or high-end mobile phone to run over six quadrillion neurons per second.

Come and join the AI revolution, see the future, find out what will be fun and what won’t as soon as you’ve written it down!

We caught up with our resident Data Scientists to see what they have to say about it.

This is way too real. We are unsure people will realise its an April Fools Joke.

David Armstrong, Head of Data Science

We think the art designs are great and look really professional. It's just that it is too real and should be more obvious that it is fake.

Kara Fletcher, Associate Data Scientist

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