MPG steps up for SpecialEffect

Go Team!

After 16 months sitting around in her joggers, eating biscuits and running to the door to receive Amazon parcels, our Ops Manager Antonia, was not optimistic when SpecialEffect got in touch to see if we have any athletes on the team.

“Would MPG like to get a running team together for our 10k charity run?”

“Umm, probably not, we’re all very busy eating biscuits, but I’ll check…”

Imagine her surprise when no fewer than 7 people signed up on the spot!

They’re training hard on the streets of Cadiz, Cardiff, Nottingham, London, Prague & Seville to prepare for the SpecialEffect 10k run on 25 July, and we’re super proud to be supporting them in their efforts.

About SpecialEffect

We want to offer everyone with disabilities the opportunity to have a better quality of life, so we match, modify or create a wide variety of personalised technology to lend to them, opening up new worlds of fun, creativity and communication.

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